By Noelle -


CATEGORY: Romance (sorta), angst (a bit)

PAIRING: Joan/Grace

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is my first slash fic. Ever. Whee! :D


A loud sigh comes from the right of you. You turn to her, mouth open to ask what's wrong. But nothing comes out when you see that look on her face; the one that says I want you now. Her hand reaches for your face, a lone finger trails down your cheek. It makes you feel all shivery inside, and you pull her close, let her mouth find yours, her tongue invading your mouth. Sometimes it makes you feel cheap, feel dirty, participating in this charade of affection which masks a pure base need. But mostly it makes you just feel good. So you bite her lip and rake your fingernails up her side and make her giggle into your mouth. You make her forget about Adam just for an hour or two, about the way he left her room in the hospital, and when you went in after him, the way she cried while you held her. She never wants to talk about him, she just wants to run her fingers through your hair, just wants to rub her face against your neck and smell your skin. And that's okay with you.


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