Crossover - Multiple Fandoms
We Shall Be With All The World
Doctor Who/Stargate Atlantis. PG. Subtle Doctor/Elizabeth Weir. Drama. The first thing Elizabeth could really tell about the Doctor was that he knew how to put on a show. 4235 words.
Doctor Who
Day at the Zoo
G. Doctor/Rose. Fluffy romance. A trip the local alien zoo. 1100 words.
Harry Potter
Pluck Up What Is Planted
PG. Luna/Neville. Drama, romance. Neville was done with thinking. 1122 words.
Joan of Arcadia
PG-13. Joan/Grace, tiny amounts of angst. First slash fic evah. Too short to summarize. Just read it! ;) 193 words.

The Deep, Dark Secret
PG. Luke/Grace, fluff. She hadn't meant to reveal her secret to him; not yet. 1310 words.
Stargate Atlantis
Being the Man
R. Sheppard/Weir. Fluff, cheese, smoopyness. ;D 378 words.

How To Paint Your Way To Kissing Your Boss in One Easy Step
PG-13. Lorne/Weir. Fluff, romance. Evan, Elizabeth, booze, empty mess hall, and did I mention booze? 1120 words.

Inside the Mind of an Air Force Major
PG-13. Sheppard/Weir, Sheppard/Teyla. Romance, angst. He likes laying on the couch better because it seems more realistic, like what he's seen on tv. 2202 words.

R. McKay/Weir, angst, sex. Bit o character death. She would allow herself the self-indulgence of the memories until the first light of the foreign sun began to rise over the ocean. 472 words.

G. McKay/Weir, fluffy happy bunny Christmas cheesefic. In which there is a mistletoe hat. That's right. Mistletoe hat. 698 words.

PG. Sheppard, Weir. Like a parent to a child. 236 words.

PG. Sheppard/Weir, bonding, angstish. Weir + Gun. 540 words.

A Very Precise People
PG. Sheppard/Weir friendshippy, very short. Random "everyday life" kind of story. Ceiling tiles play a prominant role. 373 words.
Stargate SG-1
The Lord is my Shepherd
G. Sam-centric, pre-series. Angst. She couldn’t tear her eyes away from the box only twenty feet in front of her. The sun shined down on it from between the branches of trees, and whenever the wind blew, it caused the branches to sway and made the sunlight wink at her. 462 words.